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Happily married husband who finds his wife unbelievably sexy and imagines her sexual aggressive alter ego inserted into various fantasies: hotwife, cuckold (confident husband, not humiliated), shared wife, swinging, mfm threesomes. She is unaware of these thoughts...for now.

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Good morning Sexy…it’s time to wake up…


Good morning Sexy…it’s time to wake up…


       Tell me what you would do with my married pussy if you had me for 24 hours to yourself and I couldn’t say “No”.  What you have me wear? Would you take me shopping for special clothes?  Would you bring another girl or guy friends? Would you find a corner to fuck me in while we were out? Maybe a club with a corner table and you want me to give you a blowjob? Be very descriptive, you never know how I will choose my next “fuck buddy of the month”! Of course we will have to video it for hubby to watch later so I hope you aren’t camera shy. and don’t forget, WickedVegas3point0 It is pictures of me, my lovers, adventures, stories, competitions to be my “fuck buddy of the month” and maybe some contribution from hubby from his cage and stay up to date with what I am doing by following my twitter at What happens in Vegas should be WICKED! ;-)  So …Who’s NEXT? Will it be you?

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Let me deep throat you.

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Michaela Sinopoli from München (Munich), Germany part 1 of 2

More off her


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anyone else waiting for that milk to just…crash? XD

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Rainia Belle AKA Lilith Lust 

Follow me @ for the sexiest women , juiciest asses and the biggest tits.

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